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La rose Rouge This is the secret are combines the action of Ultrasonic vibrations and Infrared lights. Helps maximize the absorption of hair treatments used to repair dry, frizzy and damaged hair. This 1st Hair Repair Iron Technology: ‎does not produce heat in both plates. No Heat.No Damage.


Why Infrared lights?

14 Infrared lights close cuticle/flakes hair and combined with Ultrasonic vibrations for deep penetration treatment, sealing inside the cortex. Thereby, repair any damaged hair structure and stimulate blood flow to the root, restoring your hair from inside.


Why La rose Rouge - This is the secret

 which are used in many health and scientific areas, convert the water molecules and hair treatment liquid/cream to a gaseous state, facilitating their infiltration into the structure of the hair.



5 Proven Hair Benefits:

1) Hydrates any Kind of Damages Hair

2) Seals all Brazilian Keratins without use Heat

3) Repair 100% Human Hair Extensions

4) Locks and Intensifies any Hair Color

5) Applies any Brand Hair Treatment /La rose conditioner


Used by Professionals in the most exclusive Beauty Salons and SPAs in the world.

This is The secret to have a fabulous Hair!

 is the real alternative for 90% of women with damaged hair.

No Heat. No Damage.

The New SPA for your Hai‎r!!

No need to go to salon anymore!


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